Today is a day like any other

Today is a day like any other. Today is like yesterday, like tomorrow will be. Today I got up and ate stuff I found in the fridge. Today I got on my bike and drove up the hill and placed myself in the little room upstairs. Today the buses drove by and the cars honked. Today I sat together with people and they talked. Now I am at another desk in the library starring at the glass front. Two hours in the future I will drive home. Two hours and half an hour in the future I will sit down and stare at another screen till I go to bed. Today is a day like any other.

Slow down and zoom in: a group at a table in a conference room. They talk about something.

That’s very interesting, the guy next to me says and nods.

It is very interesting, says another guy a few minutes later.

Everyone smiles.

Go back a few days: It is the weekend. I walk through a door and I am at a party. It is a house party. People smoke.

That’s funny, somebody says to somebody else.

I sit on a sofa and watch the people getting drunk. I wonder why I am here. Next to me two of them are talking. Again, something is very interesting. Later they kiss, then they fuck. I am on a sofa. A few hours in the future I will drive home.

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