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in response to a lonely cyborg

Februar 24th, 2019 by

hi. cyborg.

I’m just a normal person.

Living in South Tirol.

My dream was to become a movie director.

But these days, I am very sad because of my dream.

Society showed me inexcusable reality:

“you can’t make it”

I’m just listening to YouTube music all day.

But then, I saw your message and your smile.

I cried a lot.

How can I describe these emotions?

How could you awake these feelings in me?

I am so fond! Fond of YOU!

I can dream again. Now, I’m dreaming.

My world.

The ashes are turning into butterflies,

they learn to fly away.

They have their own names.

Please, keep on going like this.

I will listen every day.

love you.



based on and remixed from texts in this YouTube comment section:

air bent – eyes kissed

Mai 1st, 2018 by

Cut up is archeology is listening to the decaying message through time.

Recent discoveries:

on girl in other brown while side the bit to beating her

the the the

I drown this hen, the ball drops and returns my truth to know

five … a little like I of ground

little watching heart I

I am water, the faster is now

because die, hit, learn

how air bent – eyes kissed


the preparations have begun = texts cut to _ our perception builds on links MEANS:

the media claims to be social = your daily cut up!


and the road became fla(||e)sh, devoid of any reason = meaningless

Song „Angst“, by Aporie from his album „Control“: https://aporie.bandcamp.com/track/angst

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