Spambot or the Implications of Being Attached

Lue woke up and reached for her mobile. He wrote her again. The lines simply said: I love your work. She answered with a smile and got up.

Their correspondence began a few weeks ago with a similar comment of his. Lue had answered without thinking and he locked on to her and didn’t let go. At first, she didn’t reply, but that couldn’t discourage him. The comments came daily, even more, if she actually answered. And she did. Somehow she felt less alone with him.

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No Sleep for the Wicked

There is a vast certainty in falling, Lue thought. She felt the air hissing in her ears while she rushed onwards. The speed suggested a destination, a fate or destiny cast upon her by the decision to jump. But nothing happened. The space in which she traveled knew nothing about borders. It was clear and endless, of pure aesthetic. She closed her eyes, a last ritual of hope for salvation, before she finally arrived.

A blast of color ripped through the blank space and pried her eyes open. The last thing she felt was the tint inserting itself into every fraction of her being.

The fall stopped abruptly and Lue arose.

Vine is shutting down … oder: Beyond the Vine

Vine … irgendwie ist das nie so richtig in Europa angekommen. Und jetzt hat Twitter beschlossen, die Platform mit den Sechs-Sekunden-Loops einzustellen. Warum haben Sie nicht gesagt, aber man kann davon ausgehen, dass die schwindenden Nutzerzahlen ein Grund gewesen sind. Trotzdem ist es ein merkwürdiger Zug von Twitter. Die Vine Nutzerbasis zieht nun zu Instagram (und damit Facebook) und YouTube um, also Twitters Konkurrenten. Finanziell stand Twitter ja schon immer auf tönernden Füßen und Vine scheint nun auch den internen Umstrukturierungen der Firma zum Opfer gefallen zu sein.

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